Below you will find a list of projects that I have worked in the past and those that I am currently working on. Some of these are school projects, while others are my hobby projects (where I sit down and build something for both learning purposes and pure enjoyment!). If you have any questions on this, please contact me thru twitter or github.

An ASP.NET MVC 5.0 application used to interact with Microsoft Active Directory. The application allows users to create and manage user accounts as well as groups within a the domain. Updates made to user accounts (i.e. adding/removing from groups, updating contact information,etc.) are stored in a MS-SQL database.

Computer Inventory
A .net console application used to gather hardware and software information for windows based machines. The information was gathered using WMI and the windows registry and stored in a MySQL database.

CPU Scheduling
An application written in OS class I took in school. It is used to simulate 6 different scheduling algorithms. The results are displayed using the free charting utility JFreechart.

Crypto Project
A small java-based application written in a cryptography class I took in school. It was used to do some simple encryption of text based content.

Footprints Lib
A .NET DLL that uses the Footprints Web API to create/edit tickets in the BMC Footprints ticketing system.

GDS Report
A .NET console application used to generate and email reports from active directory.

A PHP based application used to help IT teams keep track of issues, bugs and requests for any given project they manage.

A web site used to help you compare your daily steps with other fitbit users.

An android application used to help you study for your US Citizenship test.