I have been working in the IT Industry for close to 20 years! My time in the world of technology world has allowed me to wear many different hats ranging from working as a help desk agent, network administration, managing the ticketing system for the organization, training new staff, provisioning user access in an active directory domain, Microsoft Exchange user accesss/administration and software development. I am currently working as an Senior Applications Analyst for Keck Hospital of USC where I get to work with some great (and smart) people in a fast paced and challenging environment!

As a programmer, I have developed (and maintained) web applications from the ground up that are used on a daily basis by people in the organization to help them do their job! These days you will often find me in front of Visual Studio crunching out code in C# for web applications written on top of Asp.net and recenlty Asp.net MVC! Most of my programming skills and knowledge have come from learning and experimenting with technology on my own! I find programming to be the most challenging and most rewarding experience that I have had while working in the technology industry! I have also written a small android application which you can find here. In addition, I’ve also programmed small hobby projects in ASP.net MVC, Java and PHP. Check out my github account to see some of the projects I have worked in the past and currently and working on! You can also check out my projects page for information on my list of projects!

Spending time with family is also very important to me! I am a happily married man and enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, son, daughter and our cat Izzy who loves to keep me up at night mewoing! Aside from family, technology and work I also enjoy reading (mostly technical stuff), spending time outdoors hiking our local mountains, going out for a 2-3 mile run and playing one of my three guitars and my newly aquired Ukelele Martha! Music wise, I am a big Beatles fan! I also enjoy 90’s grunge music and classic rock!

Disclaimer: The opinions and thoughts expressed on this site do not reflect those of my current or previous employers. If you have any questions on any of the posts you find on this site, please contact me thru my twitter or github account!