Things that need to be done

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Because I’ve been busy with work (and other things), I’ve been unable to write down anything in this blog.  Well now that some things have calmed down I wanted to put down some of the things that I’ve been meaning to get to the past few weeks.  Below are just some of the more pressing things I need to:

  • Text to Speech for Android app – due to the demand (from my one and only positive comment) on my android app I’ll be implementing the text to speech feature for the application.  I’ll only be implementing this feature for the flash card mode of the application as this is the only place where it makes sense to implement such a feature.  A few weeks ago I began implementing this by first building a preference page that will allow the users to either enable or disable this feature.  I’ll need to review preferences in Android. For the text to speech feature, I’ll be using this link to allow me to enable this for the application.
  • Git Learning – I am using git as my primary source control system. I am just simply in love with the powerful (and yet) simple features of this great scm.  I recently migrated the majority of my subversion repositories over to git (I’ve enjoyed looking back at my old code and may even put some of it up in my github account).  Things also recently started to just ‘click’ with git.  For example, I am now using branches to help me with implementing the text-to-speech feature of my android application. I am using a branch called ‘text-to-speech’ to keep track of all of my changes for this new feature and it’s so nice to know that you can go back and forth between branches without worrying that anything will be lost (and yes, I am loving git’s stash feature!).
  • ASP.NET MVC – Need to get back to learning this.  I just recently deployed an ASP.NET application for a project at work and started to pick up on ASP.NET MVC and just love how different (and how much better) it is to write web apps with this framework.  Anyhow, I have a great book I bought on this subject and I’ll just have to continue working on it and start writing some cool apps with this framework!
  • Amazon EC2/S3 – I need to get a better backup solution for the content of this blog and some of my git/svn repositories.  I’ve been thinking about playing around with Amazon’s web services where I’ll launch a linux instance and use this to store some of my repos and also some of my backups (thought I don’t know how this will be done … but am looking forward to learning how it can/should be done).  My main goal is to get a better backup solution as this has worried me a bit lately since I don’t want to loose any of my data.
  • Web Site Changes – I’ve been meaning to make more changes to this site.  I have been thinking using a /blog section for all blog posts and a /home section for my home page.  This will make it easier for me (and those that visit this page) to visit the appropriate section.
As you can see I have a lot of things to take care of.  I’ll try to write down some notes on my progress on the above mentioned bullet points.  And as always, if anything else comes about that I find interesting I’ll write it down here!

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