Upgrade to first Android App

2 minute read

It’s been a little bit under a month since I first published my first android application.  For the past few days I’ve been working on fixing some issues and adding some new features to the application.  Today, I released those changes to the application and changed the version number of the application to version** 1.10**.  Below are the list of changes included in this version:

  • Fixed issue with Rotation while in All Questions Mode.  If a user choose to view all 100 questions in random (or just 1o questions in random order) and they they rotated the phone, these questions would be lost.
  • Added the Category filter on All Questions.  Users will be able to view all questions based on the category they belong to. This feature was already included in the Flash Card mode, and I just needed to add it to the All Questions activity as well.
  • Changed text when un-flagging questions.  When the user taps and holds a question that is currently flagged, the text that shows now tells them whether or not they want to un-flag the question.  This makes it more obvious that they are removing a question from the list of flagged questions.  One other thing, the ‘No’ button on this dialog box now does nothing.  Before, the ‘No’ button was used to un-flag questions this is no longer the case and I am leaving this button here just to allow users to use it when necessary.
  • Minor improvements to the UI.  These come in the form of more descriptive text in both the title and toast messages.  I did a few of these changes and they are too many to mention here.
At the time of this post, the application is almost up to the 100 active installs mark.  Currently it’s about 6 installations shy from this milestone.  Only in my wildest dreams did I think I was ever going to get 100 people to not only download the application but to also keep it!  It’s been an truly awsome feeling knowing that other people are using this application.  I do hope that it’s useful for those who have installed it and that it helps them get their citizenship.  

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