Replacing Keyboard on my T420

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I recently had a problem with my T420 Thinkpad laptop where one of the keys popped up and when I tried to put it back on I saw that the bottom was broken.  Suffice to say that I was a disappointed so I called Lenovo’s support line and they shipped me a new replacement keyboard within two days!  I then had the task of removing the old keyboard and replace it with the new one.  Just in case I need to do this again, below are the steps I took to remove the keyboard:

  • Turn off the computer
  • Remove the Battery
  • There is a small latch on the back (it has a keyboard, ram and something else etched on it).  Remove the screw that holds this latch closed
  • Unscrew the silver screw near the top left hand side (this is the screw that holds the keyboard down)
  • Flip laptop back
  • With a small flat screwdriver gently nudge the keyboard up around the ‘left arrow’ key, the mouse pad keys and the Windows logo
  • Gently push up the keyboard and slowly flip it around
  • Unhook the cable that’s currently placed on the motherboard
  • Take the new keyboard and hook up the cable to the motherboard
  • To put the keyboard back on to the laptop start in reverse
  • Put the top latches at the top of the laptop and slide keyboard in
  • At the bottom of the keyboard secure the latches there to their respective place
  • Adjust the keyboard (by nudging the top part) by pressing it downwards until keyboard is firmly in place
  • Flip laptop over and put latch back on and secure it by screwing it back in
  • Put battery back in place
  • Turn computer on!
Below you’ll find a You Tube video that can help you with this task.  The laptop on the video is for a T410 but the steps to removing the keyboard are almost identical. Enjoy!



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