Dark Theme for Visual Studio 2010

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I recently had my eyes checked out as I needed new glasses and they told me that the glare of a computer monitor may be causing me to strain my eyes too much.  As a result of this, I decided to make some changes to Visual Studio 2010 (which I’ve been using a lot lately for some projects I am working at work). The change I made was to have a Dark Theme to help with the straining.  I found a cool web site called Studio Styles which not only has a set of great themes that you can select from, but you can also build your own!  I downloaded the son-of-obsidian style and made some changes to the text being used (I’m fond of Lucinda Console) and after making some other tweaks, I am now happily using this theme and am loving it! Feels so much better on my eyes, and it really does feel like I am working in a console and vim (I am using the great VsVim plugin anyhow so this new color scheme makes me feel at home.  You can check out the theme on one of my git repositories at github here!

Now I’ll have to see if I could also use something similar to this for both Eclipse (which I use for Android development) and Netbeans (which I use for PHP, Ruby and Web Programming).

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