Terminal window for cygwin – mintty

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It’s been a while since I posted anything on this site (work has kept me busy with some challenging, interesting and fun projects).  I wanted to post about a great tool that I just found and am just so happy with!  I have been using cygwin a lot  lately from my windows box. I use it to work with my favorite source control management system git, ssh into the server that hosts this web site and also to remote into some of the AMI’s I’ve created over at Amazon’s EC2 service (that’s a mouthful ain’t it!).  After doing some search in google, I found mintty.  Below are some of the features you get (copied from their web site):

  • Xterm-compatible terminal emulation.
  • Native Windows user interface with a simple options dialog.
  • Easy copy & paste.
  • Drag & drop of text, files and folders.
  • Ability to open files and URLs with Ctrl+click.
  • Comprehensive character encoding support, including UTF-8.
  • Wide character display and Windows IME support.
  • Window transparency, including glass effect on Vista and 7.
  • 256 colours.
  • Firescreen mode.
  • Options stored in a text file. No registry entries.
  • Small program size and quick scrolling.
Check it out if you are using cygwin, it truly does make working inside of this great shell that much pleasurable!

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