When to use SQLite

1 minute read

In my recent experience with sqlite (thru my first android application) I was quite impressed with this small but powerful sql engine.  I plan on looking at it’s source to learn more about it’s internals.  Anyway, I also read an interesting article on when to use it.  Check out the article here.  Although the article is on sqlite’s own website (which can be viewed as being a bit biased) it still has some interesting scenarios on when to use (and not to use) sqlite.

In the past, whenever I had to write an application (web based or local client) that required a database the only choices I had out there were MS-Access, MS-SQL (express edition) or MySQL.  But now you have these low-footprint databases such as sqlite and Microsoft’s  MS-SQL Compact Edition.  I’ve been looking at the tools available out there for such databases and there seems to be a plethora of them out there (i.e. gui’s managers, libraries to connect to these db’s from different languages, etc.) to make it easy for anyone to use.  In addition, these are great little tools to can help those new to databases to begin experimenting with and hopefully learn something new.

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