First Android App – Thoughts on Stats

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So it’s been a few days since I’ve released my first Android application and I wanted to write down some of my thoughts on how things are going with it so far.  First, I’m delighted to see that (at the time of this post) 33 people have downloaded the application with 28 of them still being active (that’s 84%!!!).  It’s quite satisfying knowing that there are people out there that are using this application that I’ve never met before and are finding it useful.  Most of the other apps I’ve built have been either for school or users at my jobs and I had an idea of who was going to use the application.  This is different!

I’m addicted to one thing in particular at the moment; the number of errors reported!  So far so good and no errors have been reported.  I will take any errors quite seriously and hopefully (if any do occur) I’ll get some good feedback/info to fix the issue right away.  I took great pains to make sure that the app was small and fast (didn’t keep too many Activities in the stack, etc.).

Below are some stats I’ve found to be of interested:

  • 33 downloads 28 of which are still active (84%!)
  • Android 2.2 takes up the majority of the installs with 75% (21 instances)
  • Android 2.2.3 takes up 17.9% (9 instances)
  • Android 2.1 3.6% (1 instance) – this is quite odd because I thought that the application would not install on such a device as I only built the app for Android 2.2 and above
  • United States has the majority of the downloads at 96.4% (27 installs) with one installation from Ghana (3.6%).
I am looking forward to going back and work on the application.  I have a list of about 3 – 4 bugs that I have discovered since the publishing of the app.  I also have about 5 enhancements to the app to make it easier for users to navigate thru the questions.  The main enhancement at the moment is being able to browse all questions by category.  I can’t believe I left this feature out, but it’ll come soon!

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