Vim Functionality in Eclipse

1 minute read

Ever since I came back to school, I’ve had to rely on great Eclipse IDE to do my school work!  It’s a great IDE for Java development (and development in other languages like Scala and Python).  I am also a big fan of the VIM editor which I use extensively in both Windows and Linux for my every day simple text editor needs.  I always wanted to use some of VIM inside of Eclipse so I tried out a few plugins like Eclim and vimplugin but none of them really gave me the same experience that I needed! In addition, the installation and configuration of these two plugins was just too cumbersome in my humble opinion!

Then one day, I came across Vrapper which is a plugin that gives you the basic vim commands to navigate, edit and save files within Eclipse!  This is exactly what I was looking for and it has made my development experience that much more enjoyable in an already awsome IDE!  Check out the links below for some of the documentation and update site for this neat Eclipse Plugin:

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