New Reading Material

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On the recommendation of a fellow co-worker I bought some used books online to add to my collection of technical books. These are books that I have heard really good things about and am exited to sit down and read them to get better at programming. The books I got are as follows:

  • Code Complete - Recommended by a friend so that I can read up on proper programming practices. When building software, there have been so many times that I have asked myself, “Is this the best way to do this?”. I am hoping tha this book can help answer some of these questions.
  • Javascript: The Good Parts - I have been using javascript now for a few years and I am looking forward to reading this book to get the basics down of Javascript. What amazed me about this book was how small it was (about 150 pages) for a programming language that is so heavily used.
  • C# in a Nutshell - The programing language that I use the most at work. I bought this book so that I can have it close to my desk whenever there is a question I have about this language.

I cannot wait to get them and start reading them! :)


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