Migration to Visual Studio Online

1 minute read

A few years ago when I first setup my web site with dreamhost I also setup private git repositories and an instance of redmine to manage my private projects. Although this worked well most of the time, I was not happy with the performance on my shared account with dreamhost. In addition, I used to get too many random error messages that would cause the site to go down (the cause on a few of these issues occurred when ruby was updated without any notice on the dreamhost server hosting my site). As I started to look around for alternative ways to manage my private projects, Visual Studio Online (VSO) came to my attenion!

I started to play around with VSO and found that it fit my needs regarding speed, keeping track of work items (i.e. tickets), awsome integration with Visual Studio, support for markdown documentation and keeping the projects private! Once I read about the unlimited private (and free) git repositories I was sold! Unfortunately, I was not able to find any way to migrate my redmine tickets to VSO so I had to resort to re-creating the tickets which ultimately was not a bad thing as I was able to close down some old tickets. I am still learning how to use some of the features provided with VSO and although this is coming along slowly, I am really enjoying my experience with using this new hosting service from Microsoft! :)


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