Github Unlimited Private Repositories

1 minute read

I was very happy with the recent announcement that Github would be allowing private repositories for their free accounts! As a result of this awesome news, all of my new personal projects will now be hosted on my Github Account. All of my current projects were being hosted on my Azure Devops account where they have lived for the past few years after having migrated them from a private instance of Redmine. For the most part, I was happy with the features on Azure Devops such as work items, wikis and other tools that the platform provides. Although having these features available was great, I never really used them. I always enjoyed the simplicity of Github’s features (i.e. issues, wikis, etc.) and always hoped that they would one day provide private repositories for free too!

Now that I do have the ability to host private repositories on Github, I am going to be going thru each of my projects I am hosting on Azure Devops and see if they are a good candidate to be migrated over to Github. My criteria whether to move a project is a simple one, if I am not going to be using few or any of the features Azure Devops provides then the project will be migrated to Github. With this criteria on hand, I was able to migrate 22 git repositories over to Github! I also took this oportunity to remove some really old projects that I am no longer working on. I still left a few projects on my Azure Devops account because some of them are work related and I need to keep track of issues/requests that my clients bring to my attention. There was one project that I could not migrate over because I use it’s Wiki component to document all of the things I have learned (or am currently learning). If and when Github provides Wiki’s for private repositories I’ll migrate this project as well!

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