First Android App – Part 5

1 minute read

I began the day of work on this application by having to apply the following command in git:

git reset --heard HEAD

I had to do this because in my mad dash to do what I believed to be ‘important’ refactoring I forgot to let git know to track my file.  This is a friendly reminder on my part to set aside some time to really learn and use git more thoughtfully!  Anyhow, below are a list of things that I will be tackling today:

  • ListView Shows answer (bug) – I had found a simple little bug where the answer was showing up for a question after I had hit the random menu option in the QuestionBrowserActivity.  To fix this, I had to modify the QuestionHolder class to have the answer TextView object setVisibility method to TextView.GONE.  This seems to have fixed this little bug!i
  • Answers showing up too far down – This is a minor thing for the moment, but it really irks me that the answers on some of the questions have a big gap between them.  It’s a minor issue, but one that just has been on the back of my head way too much.  I’ll see if I can fix this before I continue.

My next goal is to get the flash-card feature of the application.  This is one of the features that originally got me to build this.  The basic idea is simple, to allow users to study for their test by using these flash cards.  Below you’ll find my first attempt at this:

At this moment, the user is able to just get a random question when they choose to view the questions in a flash card mode.  The goal will be to allow users to study all 100 questions by allowing them to view the questions and the answers (I’ll look at having some sort of neat transition that looks like a card is flipping).

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