First Android App – Part 2

1 minute read

Today I spent my time trying to one of the “Browse Questions” component of the application looking the way I want it to.  These feature will allow users to browse all 100 questions in a simple ListView object (similar to what the Twidroid application does with it’s timeline).  The idea behind this is allow users to just simple browse all 100 questions in a simple manner.  I had to play around with the look and feel of the ListView object I am using.  The goal was to have this have a similar look to the physical flash cards that one can get from USCIS.  Below you’ll find a screenshot of the work I have done.

The next goal for the application will be to allow the user to click on any one of the questions and show them the answer.  I am envisioning implementing a similar feature like the one in the Twidroid application where when a user long clicks an item in the list, the answer shows up below the question.  This may be a bit of an over kill, but that is my goal.  As to it’s implementation it may have to wait for a bit as I want to get something working right away.  So I may just have to set up a new activity to show up whenever a user selects one of the questions.

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